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Blockademia listing published in various media portals

Zagreb, Croatia, 25th October 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Blockademia is unique decentralized system for publishing and verifying documents powered b…

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Blockademia $ACI has been listed on P2B

Trading: The Blockademia System aims primarily to verify the authenticity of documents published by educational ins…

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[ video ] Digitize your business by Blockademia

Watch a video about what Blockademia is. Blockademia is unique decentralized system for publishing and verifying documents powered by blockchain.

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ACI Token: Fueling the Future of Document Management with Blockademia

The story of project Blockademia System stands as a groundbreaking decentralized information platform meticulously crafted for the publish and  v…

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Blockademia: Revolutionizing Document Verification on Cardano Blockchain

About Blockademia Blockademia System is a revolutionary decentralized information platform designed to publish and verify diplomas, certificates, inse…

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Fighting Document Forgery: Blockademia's Role in Ensuring Authenticity

What is Blockademia?

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Join Blockchain Life 2023 in Dubai – The Crypto Event of the Year - Blockademia is there!!!

Join Blockchain Life 2023 in Dubai – The Crypto Event of the Year. The legendary event, known as Crypto Whales Meeting Point, brings together ove…

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Blockademia web app je Live

We have activated new Blockademia web dApp .

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ACI token mint

ACI token is minted on Cardano mainnet

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Blockademia makes new partnerships

From day to day we are working on new partnerships and colaborations with companies and businesses where we can cooperate and expand Blockademia.

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Zagreb as a part of World Cardano Meetup 2021.

We are proud to become one of the cities that had a chance to present new local Cardano projects on world Cardano scene. On Sep 21. 2021.

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Why Cardano and how it all started

We follow Cardano development from very early days. In 2018.









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