Blockademia KYC Voucer

Only for Blockademia KYC purpose *KYC = Know Your Customer
3€ = 5 ACI Token
You are buying Blockdemia KYC Voucer (Blockdemia KYC Voucer = 5 ACI Token) will automaticly unlock Blockademia KYC procedure.
KYC routine to give clients quicker access to our service, all while minimizing risk.
Every user of the Blockademia system must go through the KYC procedure.
(ACI) Blockademia token

Blockademia ACI token
1 ACI Token = 0,3€ *price is valid till 31.05.2022.
Amounts to buy in € is from 100 till 6.000
Maximum order quantity for this item is 20.000
Minimum order quantity for this item is 335
The first step to buying Blockademia ACI Token is:
• that you have registered with the Blockdemia system
• that you have completed Blockademia KYC procedure
The Blockademia token (ACI) is a native token on the Cardano blochchain, both a utility and management token of the Blockademia decentralized system. The purpose of the Blockademia token is to pay a fee for using the Blockademia system.



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